I’m going to get real with you, invite you into my tribe, and talk about two types of deals that you should be doing. Before I get into the repositioning and momentum plays, I want to remind you to download my Quick Start Workshop and tell you a little bit about my upcoming offerings. Next month, I should be launching my Kahuna Boardroom. This is an exclusive course for those ready to take the next step into multifamily investing. The course will be based on what I call my six pillars. The Kahuna Cash Flow Calculator will also be coming out next month.

Topics on Today’s Episode:

  • Repositioning plays are where you buy a property and do a lot of work.
  • It may not cash flow well at the beginning.
  • Year three is where you hit the payday.
  • It takes a full year to fix up a property. You want to get multiple bids and keep occupancy up.
  • Once everything is cleaned up it is time to reposition the tenant base.
  • Present your model to investors in a conservative manner. Say it takes two years to get things up to speed. It’s ok if it gets done in a year, but don’t create big expectations.
  • My Kahuna Cash Flow Calculator will show you what a green light project looks like.
  • Momentum plays are buying operationally sound properties at a good price, and you don’t have to do a lot of work on them.
  • These cash flow right away. There is not a lot of risk, but there is also not a lot of profit.
  • Can I pay my investors and give them their money back? Can I pay my investors profit?
  • Model a conservative model on each and every deal.
  • Corey shares a story about a repositioning play that almost didn’t work.
  • Back funding to pay investors at the beginning of a repositioning play.
  • Value adds and taking the current state and making it better or repositioning to make more profit.
  • Deferred maintenance and bad management are what makes apartments bad.
  • Multifamily has enabled me to live a life beyond my dreams. You can do it too!

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“Be conservative when presenting to investors. It is always best to under promise and over deliver.” Corey Peterson

“When done right, you can make a crap ton of money with a repositioning play.” Corey Peterson

“Momentum properties start to cash flow from day one. You can pay your investors quarterlies from day one.” Corey Peterson

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