The power of relationships is truly everything. When I look back on my career, there are certain times where people have touched me, and moved me to do some things differently. Things that I didn’t even know that I could do. I want to do that for you, too.

I’m talking about raising OPM private money. I started this podcast journey almost two years—wanting to teach what I know and to give back. We are just now starting to understand who we are as a company, our message, how we reach our audience, my guests, my cash flow creators. I want you to be a cash flow creator, just like me, through legacy.

Topics on Today’s Episode:

  • Corey’s getting ready to launch and deliver what he thinks is going to be a truly amazing product, the Kahuna Boardroom
  • Utilize the power of your influence; you have conversations and a database of all your clients – leverage people that you already know
  • Quit practicing the fear of not having any more income come into your life: Is the money that I saved enough? How can I retire from my job early without any regrets? Real estate.
  • Find a partner to add their influence and credibility to your list of people
  • Spend your life learning; always learn about up-and-coming factors in real estate
  • Power of partnerships and power of relations: You have relationships with people, that’s why you’re in business
  • Connect with others at conferences and mastermind events
  • Look for capital for investments; focus more on raising capital and less on finding deals
  • Two things that we want in this world: Time and money
  • Kahuna Syndicate: Corey could pitch this mastermind and get $100,000 per person to join; but he decided not do it because it didn’t align with his goals
  • What relationships are important to you? Set aside things that you can’t do right now; maybe you can do them later, in a few years
  • Move forward and start making massive money; change your life, legacy, and wealth by flipping the switch and pivoting to multifamily real estate
  • Stability is lacking in the market; actually pay your investors
  • Kahuna Cash Flow Calculator offers training on how to underwrite multifamily deals
  • When we raise capital, we never ask people for their money; we just ask them who they know

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“We are just now starting to understand who we are as a company, our message, how we reach our audience, my guests, my cash flow creators.” Corey Peterson

“The power of relationships is truly everything.” Corey Peterson

“Life is simple if you want to make it simple. Don’t make it hard. That sometimes is the toughest part of working with these real smart people.” Corey Peterson

“When we look at relationships, relationships are everything. If relationships are everything, it’s important in your business, and it’s important in your life.” Corey Peterson

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