Single Payment
3 Payment Plan

 You’re Going to Learn How to Pencil the Deals Quickly So You Know Whether the Juice is Worth the Squeeze!

The reason no one speaks on this subject, is not many truly understand how you raise money. I will be bringing the old school techniques I learned from being a financial advisor. If I only teach you this one concept, you can go out and crush it in Multi-Family. Everyone needs capital and if you can supply it, you are going to be able to cash in.

You will Learn:

  • Opening Script
  • Money Story
  • Your Credibility Kit
  • Where to Find Money
  • How to ask for Money
  • Do’s and Don’ts with Raising Private Money

Discover the Secret Language of Apartments We are going to do a deep dive in learning the ins-n-outs of Apartments and the language used. In order to walk the walk, you have to talk the talk. Brokers are trained to smell out newbies and will throw up more hurdles if they think you will waste their time.

You will Learn: 

  • Apartment Vocabulary
  • Industry Jargon
  • Specifics of P&L and terms used

This pillar is a meat grinder. There’s no easy way but to take in the medicine and learn it. I will teach you how to use the language to instantly get credibility in front of brokers and hold them accountable. 

The way to keep in the game with Multi-Family is to become a great underwriter. Using the CashFlow Calculator, I will teach you how to use my conservative principles to allow you to find Phat deals. For most people, this is where they fail and get into trouble. Because I’m teaching you how to raise OPM, you must follow my guidelines and not speed in your assumptions. We will uncover the power of the CashFlow Calculator and how it will allow you to smoke out potential deals.

You will Learn: 

  • How to get information from Broker Packet
  • How to read ProForma
  • Conservative Underwriting Guidelines
  • How To Forecast Upside
  • What makes a deal a deal.

This Pillar is a must see. Please be ready and bring your questions. 

In this Pillar, we will uncover how relationships are the key to this game. I will show you how to get massive deal flow and how to eventually get on every brokers short list.We will also go over direct mail and how to attract sellers directly. The name of the game is to get deals coming into the pipeline, and I will show you how to unlock the gates.

You will Learn: 

  • The Power of a Broker knowing your name
  • How to create friends fast
  • Why follow up is so important
  • Understanding What’s in it for the Broker

After raising money, the next critical step is getting a deal. I will share how to unlock deal flow and will show you how to find the needles in the haystacks quicker. 

When you put a Letter of Intent together, there is a process that has to be followed. When done correctly, you are going to increase your offer being accepted even if it’s not the best priced offer. I will show you my process and procedure to what’s in our LOI’s and how you should send one to a broker.

You will Learn: 

  • The LOI Packet Process
  • What’s in your LOI and Why
  • How to talk to the broker pre-sending LOI
  • Pricing Guidance and what does it mean
  • How do you make it to Best and Final

The Dark Arts are involved in this session. You will not want to miss out on how this works and why you should be paying attention.

In Multi-Family, you don’t have to do it by yourself. I will show you all the secret tricks and tips we use to increase profitability. I will also show you how to pick a good management company and what questions you should be asking them. You are buying their process and you want to make sure they align with your core values. The devil is in the details and profit is made or lost at the property level. This pillar is a must!

You will Learn: 

  • The questions you should be asking your Management Company
  • How to lead from miles away
  • What reports you should be getting and why?
  • Tip and Tricks to easily increase NOI
  • How to make all your tenants love you and become raving fans

Operations are everything. We will really shine in this section and you will be blown away.