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The reason no one speaks on this subject, is not many truly understand how you raise money. 

You Will Learn:

  • Opening Script

  • Where to Find Money

  • Your Credibility Kit

  • How to ask for Money

  • Do’s and Don’ts with Raising Private Money

I will be bringing the old school techniques I learned from being a financial advisor. If I only teach you this one concept, you can go out and crush it in Multi-Family. Everyone needs capital and if you can supply it, you are going to be able to cash in.

Step 1- The Script, How to Talk to People About Money

What do you do?- Telling people what you do is a great way to open the doors to talking about money.

I will give you word for word a short and interesting answer to this question that will open the conversation to talking money and deals.

I will also give you word for word 2 longer versions of answers to this question.

These longer versions include stories that will help people really grasp what you could do for them and other they know.

Story is powerful and I’ll explain why.

Do’s and Don’ts with Raising Private Money

Step 2- Where to Find Money

I will give you tips and ideas as to where The Money hangs out and how to establish relationships that’ll help you find more and more money.

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Step 3- Be Intentional – Following the Rules of the SEC

After you’ve met some new contacts, explained what you do and how you can help them- people are going to want in. I will teach you the right way to continue an intentional relationship with them within the guidelines of the SEC.

Filling out the Accredited investor form- I will provide you with my accredited investor form and explain why it is needed.

My PPM lawyer Jillian Sidoti will join us to explain the SEC guidelines or raising private money, as well as PPMs.

Step 4- First Official Meeting – Credibility Kit 

You’ve been intentional and are following the rules- it’s time to talk the process of how you handle their money within your deal.

I will provide you with my PDF of my credibility kit, that you are more than welcome to copy with your own branding and company.

I will walk you through how I sell my credibility kit page by page.

I will go over common objections and questions- so you’ll be prepared for anything.

I will give you the words on how to close and properly ask for their money