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Discover How To Create Legacy Wealth And CashFlow Without The Hustle-N-Grind…

$7,500 to Learn How to Create Millions

You Will Feel Like You Have Superpowers After Being A Part Of The Kahuna Boardroom…

If you want to become a true investor, you will be shocked when you see how easy it is to get “Phat Cash Flowing Deals” to find you – maximize your profitsraise millions in private equity and eliminate the “rat race” keeping you stuck!

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I’m going to show you my exact systems for:

Raising Private Capital – Which really is the KEY to unlocking CashFlow!
How to Find Apartment Deals – The kind with BIG spreads that will create Legacy Wealth for you and allow you to live the CashFlow Life!
How to Analyze Deals – You will get the Kahuna Calculator. The same calculator that I use to analyze deals!
Unlock Deal Flow – I will show you how to unlock tremendous amounts of deal flow!
Speaking the Secret Language of Apartment Deals – Yes, there is a “secret” language that you need to know!
“Street Smart” Education –  What you learn at the Kahuna Boardroom will make you more money than any MBA
Setting Yourself Up for Success – I am going to give you the exact step by step, word for word process so you can confidently go raise privately held cash!
Access to the “Good Old Boys” Club – Never before access that will help set you up for success!
And So Much More…


This isn’t about starting your own property management company or contractor business…

This is about making your subs get the most bang for your buck… to quickly turn around a cash-producing asset, and get out of your own way so you can build a true lifetime of wealth and freedom.

You’re going to be the Navy SEALS of apartment deals after this!

We will meet once per week over the next six weeks. I’ll lay out exactly what to do, in each phase. I’ll ensure you have every one of your questions answered about how to achieve lifetime wealth with apartment deals, just like I have.

Nothing will be held back. You’re going to look over my shoulder as I show you exactly what to do… You can ask as many questions as you want as I provide strategic oversight to empower you to do what I have done.

You’re going to learn by doing. This isn’t theory, you’ll see EXACTLY what I’m doing in my multi-million dollar real estate business. You’ll see step-by-step and peek behind the curtain of my proprietary system for generating positive cash flow from the very start.

You’ll have the clarity, capability, and confidence to raise private money and know precisely what property to put it in.

You’re getting the tools I use to quickly calculate every deal that comes across my desk. You’re getting the templates and contracts I use in marketing, underwriting, and the exact format I use in my LOI to get my “below market average” price accepted… and how I make the sellers choose MY offer over all the rest.

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I’m a nice guy, but I’m a ruthless negotiator. I’ll tell you exactly what to say, to who, and when. I’m going to provide my secret strategies and give you oversight through the entire process so you can copy your way to success just like me. I will help you implement each of the six steps by showing you each Profit Pillar in great detail. You will feel like you have superpowers after being apart of the Kahuna Boardroom… Once you know how to consistently and predictably raise private capital, the world is yours.